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Force America HydralicForce America

Annville Equipment Company, Inc. is able to repair your hydralic equipment -  from hoses and connectors to complex electronic controls.... If you are looking for mobile hydraulic systems or components, we can do it!

We have only put a few of the product on line.  We are able to to repair most equipment so please give us a call or use our Contact Us page.


Force America Valve 2010

Add-A-Fold® 2010 Valve

The Add-A-Fold® 2010 valve is an integrated multi-function valve designed to electrically control both cylinders and motors for light and medium duty mobile applications.


Force America Valve 4520

Add-A-Fold® 4520 Valve

The Add-A-Fold® 4520 valve and enclosure is a cost effective solution to protect the valve from typical corrosion problems of “exposed” valves.


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