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Insta- Chains

Insta Chain

INSTA-Chain is an ingenious ice and snow chain system that is operated automatically from inside the cab of the vehicle by simply flipping a switch. The process is easy and fast.  When you encounter ice or snow on the road, you can have traction in one and a half seconds. 

You don't need to go through the hassle of stopping, getting out of your vehicle and installing chains. Insta-Chain saves time, saves money and keeps you out of danger from sliding vehicles.  Flip a switch, and our chain wheel contacts the moving tire, thus activating the chains. In the same fashion, when you don't need the chains,  just flip the switch again, the chains disengage, and you continue on your way without delay.   

INSTA-Chain meets specifications in all Departments of Transportation in States that have chain laws.  Canadian Provincial laws are subject to interpretation.

INSTA-Chain has two models: a 6-strand model and a 12-strand model.    The 6-strand may be engaged at 6 mph.  The 12-strand provides twice the traction, a smoother, quieter ride and may be engaged at 3 mph, half the speed of any 6-strand automatic tire chain system on the market.  The 12-strand system allows for better positioning and maneuverability with ambulances, fire trucks, delivery trucks, oil or fuel trucks that back up at very slow speeds

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